Detect & Mitigate

Detect & Mitigate

Scan all your web applications automatically without licences or SOC-team. eBuilder Security provide automatic vulnerability scans as a service. Easy and fast to setup. No licenses needed. Find your vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them.

Exponential growth in cyber crimes

Cyber crimes is a growing problem for organizations around the world. Damages from ransomware attacks grew from 325 million to 20 billion USD between 2015 to 2021 according to AIG. Coop, a Swedish groceries retailer, had to close 700 of its 800 stores after being attacked in a so called Supply Chain attack, an advanced form of cyber attacks which has traditionally been limited to state sponsored attacks.

AIG Cyber Crime Stats
image showing military command center for cyber security

Costs of SecOps are rising

Creating and maintaining your own Security Operations (SecOps) costs. One of the most expensive and complex part of your security is personnel. There is a shortage of security talents, which drives up the costs. With all forecasts predicting an increase in cyber crimes, this is not going to change any time soon. Add expensive licenses and you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Buy Cyber Security as a Service

eBuilder Security provides Cyber Security as a Service. We setup, maintain and conduct regular vulnerability scans of your web applications. No matter how many or how frequently you need it, it’s all automatic. Each scan is followed by two reports for downloading in a secure way. There’s a General Overview Report that gives you all the important data at a glance. Then there’s the detailed report that can be used as a manual for the experts. It’s that simple.

Vulnerability Scan Report
image showing the Stockholm TV-tower called Kaknästornet

20 Years of Providing Secure SaaS

eBuilder is a provider of cloud services to global organizations. It started as a logistics solutions partner to global handset makers. Parcelhouse was providing logistics solutions to Nokia and Sony. It had operations in more than 80 countries at its peak. Parcelhouse connected all the stakeholders in the logistics chain for handling repairs and other customers requests. Parcelhouse was eventually merged with Marakanda and became eBuilder Sweden AB. Cyber security has always been on top of eBuilder priorities. Simply because this is its global partners demand. In the last couple of years, as cyber crimes have exploded, eBuilder has expanded its services to provide regular vulnerability scans and pentests to all its customers. Therefore it was only natural for eBuilder to break out the security part of its operations and form a business unit that provides the same, high standard, security solutions to external customers.
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