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Acunetix Web Application Scanner

Our vulnerability scanner tool – Acunetix – is the world’s most reliable and accurate scanner. It will find vulnerabilities that other tools don’t. It detects critical vulnerabilities with 100 percent accuracy.
Find SQL injections, XSS and 7,000+ other vulnerabilities. Including all listed on the OWASP top ten list.
Have the best of two worlds.
Access to the best tools in the world without having to invest in licenses or your own SOC team. Enjoy full flexibility to scale with your business. Pay as you go.
Buying vulnerability scanning services on tap brings the best of two worlds to your organization. Access to the best tools in the world and flexibility to scale as your business grows.

Government facility protects your data

Our servers are placed in premises with probably the highest security in the world. All vulnerability scannings are made from here. The findings of vulnerability scanning will be kept in Sweden. This means the data will always be stored in the most secure way for your organization.
image showing the Stockholm TV-tower called Kaknästornet

Benefits of buying on tap

– Get in-depth reports that can be used as a handbook for fixing.
– Access to our platform where you can add or remove targets
– Fast and scalable.
– Cost-effective

Official MSSP for Acunetix

The Acunetix award-winning Web Application Security tool is used by thousands of organizations across the world. The industry-leading dynamic and interactive application security testing (DAST and IAST) technology automates vulnerability management and empowers security teams to uncover more vulnerabilities, reduce false positives, increase productivity, and simplify remediation efforts. In 2015, eBuilder Security was looking for the best vulnerability scanning tool on the market. In the same year, the partnership between eBuilder Security and Acunetix started. Today eBuilder Security is an official MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) for Invicti Security.
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