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Future Proof Your Web Applications

We help you find and fix the vulnerabilities in your web applications and api:s. Buy on tap. Cost effective and simple.

acunetix scan result as table with high, medium and low vulnerabilities

Secure your Web Applications

Vulnerability scans help you secure your web applications against cyber attacks. With eBuilder Security new service, scanning all your web applications have never been easier. Just let us know what web applications you need to protect. We take care of the rest. Buy on tap and pay as you go. No hidden fees or long commitments.

Reduce risks for Cyber Security Attacks

Automated scans help you reduce risks from day 1. With regular scans and remedies, the risks will reduce over time. By automating the process, your organization saves time and money. Introducing automated scans to your Software Development Lifecycle reduces risks further.

eBuilder Security helping you reduce the threats over time
eBuilder Security Acunetix detaljerad sårbarhetsrapport

Developers’ best friend (and the managers’)

Already during the scan, vulnerabilities are reported in real time. After the scan is completed, your developers can start fixing the vulnerabilities found in your systems. The detailed report makes it easy and efficient to remedy all security flaws in your applications.

Superior Precision & Low False-Positives

The Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner has the lowest false-positives in the industry. With fewer false-positives, you can focus on the real threats against your organization’s IT-infrastructure. This award-winning tool is used by Forbes 500 business, Government Organizations and by more than 3,400 organizations across the world. NASA and U.S. Air Force trust this tool. It is based on DAST/IAST technology that delivers the best results. Superior precision combined with lowest false-positives in the industry.

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Why eBuilder Security?

eBuilder Security offers a unique service that give you access to the best tools and methods in the industry. eBuilder Security has been providing secure SaaS to global organizations for close to two decades. All our knowledge and experiences are passed on to our customers. eBuilder Security and Acunetix are partners in providing web application security to some of the finest organizations in the world. eBuilder Security is the Official MSSP for Acunetix in the EU-area. Acunetix is part of the Invicti Company.

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