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“Cybersecurity has top priority in our firm. Our software is installed on Exchanges and Central Depositories around the World. We chose eBuilder Security because of their extended experience in delivering secure SaaS to global organizations. We are very happy with their professionalism and customer service.”

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Chris Richardson, CEO
Percival Software Ltd.

Cyber Security is a Top Priority

Cyber security has become a top priority for organizations around the world. This is due to a number of factors from which a massive increase in cyber crimes is one key driver. To mitigate the threat of attacks, organizations need to increase their budgets and take proactive measures.

As more and more organizations move their data and business logic to cloud platforms, web applications have become the prime targets for cyber criminals. Vulnerability scans are essential for staying ahead of attacks, and the best scanners are those that are precise and have low false-positives. A scanner with low false-positives will save you time and help you focus on adding value for your customers.

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Vulnerability Scanning

eBuilder Security offers a flexible, reliable, and affordable way to detect and fix vulnerabilities. Our services are fast and easy to set up, and you can scale up or down as your needs change. There are no long-term commitments, licenses, or hidden fees.


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Our tailor-made solutions will help you meet the security requirements of ISO 27001 and protect your most valuable data. Our specialists will test for vulnerabilities and prepare a comprehensive report detailing all findings.


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